13 Ways AI Can Boost Monthly Income by $10,000

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13 Ways AI Can Boost Monthly Income by $10,000

The founder of artificial intelligence (AI) product PostCheetah, Mark Gadala-Maria, recently described 13 ways to monetize neural networks through content creation.

The founder described ways to earn $10,000 monthly using ChatGPT and other neural-network-based tools.

How to Use ChatGPT to Earn Money From Marketing

According to Gadala-Maria, you can use ChatGPT and Midjourney to create magazines, books, and guides that can be monetized through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. Platforms like Writers Access can also help sell AI-generated SEO content.

Neural network tools can help digital content businesses create logos and maintain social networks.

13 Ways AI Can Boost Monthly Income by $10,000

Artwork Possible With AI | Source: Mark Gadala-Maria

Business owners can sell T-shirts with unique AI-generated prints, while more general art can be minted and sold on NFT marketplaces like Etsy.

Software Opportunities AI Offers

Freelance programmers can create software using AI tools like Google’s improved Bard and others. More generally, they can also develop software-as-a-service tools to analyze, for example, Twitter user engagement.

Consultants in in-demand industries such as information technology and Web3 can use neural networks to gather and interpret data.

Gadala-Maria argues that websites generated from AI tools Midjourney, ChatGPT, and Durable can be an easy sell. At the same time, Pictory can create YouTube videos that appeal to a niche audience using scripts ChatGPT makes.

On the music front, tools like Boomy create unique monetizable tracks from streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. BeInCrypto’s editors recently reviewed the best neural networks for creating images, text, and other content.

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Source: ethereum.today

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