Arbitrum’s Public Rollouts Superior To Invite-Only Approach: Messari

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Arbitrum’s Public Rollouts Superior To Invite-Only Approach: Messari

Crypto data analytics platform, Messari tweeted that Arbitrum has succeeded significantly due to its public rollouts. Unguarded rollouts provided the protocol with an added competitive advantage over projects using a private, invite-only bootstrapping approach.

.@Arbitrum’s success provides evidence that unguarded, public rollouts can provide a competitive advantage over projects that choose to take a private, invite-only bootstrapping approach.

— Messari (@MessariCrypto) December 19, 2022

The data provider also reported that the layer-2 solutions, Arbitrum and Optimism experienced improved adoption due to growing total value-locked (TVL) shares. With matured developer tooling, projects can now easily “port over to rollups including Arbitrum and Optimism alongside centralized exchanges to integrate as fiat on and off-ramps.”

On Saturday, Messari noted that the enthusiasm for alternative layer-1 solutions is now dying, and Arbitrum’s commitment to scaling the Ethereum ecosystem proved profitable.

The crypto market analysis platform simultaneously shared that Arbitrum and Optimism outperformed other projects including Fantom and Solana in the TVL category. Moreover, the protocols also raised user interest by exploring further avenues.

For example, Optimism grew a lot in the NFT space. Data acquired via other sources indicate that Optimism quests amongst many other launches the protocol took as initiatives to attract larger audiences, paid off.

Moreover, Dune Analytics cited that both the layer-2 solutions helped users save money through significantly declined fees. While both Arbitrum and Optimism enabled users to save funds on high Ethereum gas fees, the former protocol’s users saved significantly more.

Additionally, both of them also observed a spike in terms of active addresses over the last three months, with Arbiturm being the superior network to Optimism. Meanwhile, transactions also escalated on both protocols, with the figure reaching close to the number of transactions on the Ethereum network.


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