Binance Flails in Troubled Waters; Will it Drown like FTX?

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Binance Flails in Troubled Waters; Will it Drown like FTX?

The unfolding events at Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, bear uncanny similarities to the events preceding the collapse of its formal rival, FTX. This wave of skepticism suggests that Binance could face a fate akin to the now-defunct FTX.

Binance is navigating a challenging phase that raises doubts about its stability. The exchange’s troubles commenced with a series of lawsuits and investigations that cast doubt on its future.

On June 5, the SEC lodged a case against Binance US and CZ, citing 13 charges related to securities violations. Simultaneously, the CFTC is pursuing a trading ban against the exchange, while the Justice Department is reportedly probing Binance for its handling of illicit funds.

Furthermore, Binance’s global operations are under pressure from regulators worldwide. The exchange withdrew its license application in Austria due to regulatory pressure, and Belgium’s top market regulator has ordered Binance to halt its operations.

Binance’s promotion of TrueUSD (TUSD) as a Binance USD (BUSD) substitute has sparked worries. TUSD has encountered issues like partner insolvency and transparency, amplifying concerns due to Binance’s significant 90% supply stake.

Another concern centers on Binance’s BNB token and its comparison to FTX’s FTT. Speculation arose due to reports that, like FTX, Binance has taken loans backed by its own token. Binance’s CEO, CZ, refutes these claims.

Additionally, worries have emerged about Binance’s financial standing, stemming from the mingling of customer funds with corporate funds. This situation recalls a similar case involving FTX, where customer funds were used to support risky trades made by Alameda.

Some crypto enthusiasts note the similarity between an FTX co-founder’s pre-collapse tweet and the resignation messages of top Binance executives. These resignations are seen as unusual, fueling speculation about underlying reasons.

In recent news, BNB’s value has dipped due to withdrawal issues in Europe. Rumors suggest that Binance is selling its Bitcoins to support BNB’s price, which has dropped by over 30% this year. This strategy mirrors a move made by FTX before its collapse last year.

FTX’s crisis represents one of the most substantial crypto-related bankruptcies ever recorded. While some may dismiss the Binance situation as speculation or FUD, likening its potential fate to that of FTX, the resemblance between these situations has captured attention.

Source: ethereum.today

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