Binance Set to Cease Trading for This Shiba Inu Pair

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Binance Set to Cease Trading for This Shiba Inu Pair

Binance plans to cease trading for a Shiba Inu trading pair and terminate the underlying bot trading service as part of its regular assessment.

Binance, one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, has announced removing a popular Shiba Inu (SHIB) trading pair. The firm communicated this decision in a recent press statement today.

In the report, Binance disclosed plans to discontinue the Shiba Inu trading pair with the Australian Dollar (SHIB/AUD) as part of its regular assessment of trading pairs, noting that the changes will take effect on Friday.

While the SHIB/AUD trading pair will be removed, Binance users will still have the opportunity to trade Shiba Inu on other active trading pairs listed on the exchange. SHIB investors are advised to take note of this change and adjust their trading strategies accordingly.

Furthermore, Binance will terminate the Trading Bots services for various spot trading pairs at different times. Specifically, the SHIB/AUD Trading Bots service will be terminated at 5:00 (UTC) on May 26. Binance users who have been leveraging the trading bots for the pair should update or cancel their bots before the cessation of services to avoid potential losses.

By periodically evaluating and adjusting its trading pairs, Binance aims to enhance liquidity, improve trading options, and provide a seamless experience for its users. The exchange claims to remain dedicated to providing its users with a secure and efficient trading environment while catering to their diverse trading preferences.

Binance Continues to Support Shiba Inu

While the decision to remove the Australian Dollar trading pair for SHIB may affect Shiba Inu investors in Australia, Binance emphasized that it was part of its commitment to optimize its offerings continually. The exchange has continued to expand its support for Shiba Inu. On May 5, Binance added SHIB to its Auto-Invest service.

According to further reports from The Crypto Basic, Binance’s US affiliate introduced a feature to allow customers to gift SHIB tokens at zero cost using its Crypto Box offering earlier this month. In addition, the exchange launched an auto-buy feature allowing SHIB traders to build their Shiba Inu portfolio seamlessly.

Source: ethereum.today

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