Bitcoin Prediction: Analysts Reveal Next BTC Targets

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Bitcoin Prediction: Analysts Reveal Next BTC Targets

What are the Bitcoin (BTC) predictions given by investors, and why do many believe the cryptocurrency has not yet completed its fall?

After the 12% fall in Bitcoin (BTC) price, some investors believe that more fall is yet to come. What levels will Bitcoin visit?

Renowned Bitcoin Analysts Predict $23,500

The Bitcoin analyst, who goes by the username Doctor Profit on X (Twitter), gave a $23,500 target for BTC. He gave the following arguments:

  • A small liquidity pool at $27,000
  • The liquidity pool coincides with the 50-weekly Exponential Moving Average (EMA) and 200-daily EMA.
  • Psychological reasoning states that September has been historically the worst month for Bitcoin

Later, Doctor Profit boldly claimed:

“The chart itself, the liquidity, the psychology, and the BTC cycle are all pointing out in the lower direction. We will see $23,500 region, no matter what”

Bitcoin Prediction: Analysts Reveal Next BTC Targets

Bitcoin prediction from Doctor Profit. Source: X (Twitter)

Another analyst, Inmortal, supported the prediction of a dip near $23,500. According to Inmortal, it will be the last dip for BTC. Moreover, over 48% of participants in a Devchart poll believe that the Bitcoin price will drop below $26,000.

Bitcoin Prediction: Analysts Reveal Next BTC Targets

Devchart poll. Source: X (Twitter)

Many members of the crypto community explain the potential for a further fall in BTC by the fact that the cryptocurrency, in many respects, repeats the movements of the previous cycle.

An X (Twitter) user called Mags explained:

We’re now observing something similar as price has lost the bull market support. If we follow the 2019-style bull run (excluding black swan events), then price might continue ranging between $22,000 and $30,000 for the rest of 2023.

Recovery could potentially begin in 2024, with a possible flip of the bull market support around February.

Bitcoin Prediction: Analysts Reveal Next BTC Targets

Analysis predicting a BTC sideways movement from $22,000 to $30,000. Source: X (Twitter)

Analyst Michael van de Poppe, in turn, recalled the cyclical behavior of Bitcoin. In his opinion, the transition of the cryptocurrency to the growth phase can be realized in a few months. Recall that the upcoming halvings event sets the cyclical movement of Bitcoin. The next halving event is expected to happen in Spring 2024.

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A positive prediction for Bitcoin was given by the manager of Cane Island Alternative Advisors and the author of books about cryptocurrency, Timothy Peterson.

He wrote:

I have a lot of fundamental data that says $BTC should be priced in the $30s right now.


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