Blockchain-Based Health Data Platform DEVITA Taps Polygon for Speed and Affordable Data Management System

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Blockchain-Based Health Data Platform DEVITA Taps Polygon for Speed and Affordable Data Management System

A healthcare data management platform is adopting Polygon for faster and cheaper data management

DEVITA, a blockchain-based health data system, has announced that it has launched on the popular Ethereum Layer-2 scaling platform Polygon. 

According to a Polygon blog post today, DEVITA chose to opt for the Ethereum L2 network in a bid to bolster its operation, especially in enhancing the speed in accessing data and to provide affordable transactions. 

With Polygon, the healthcare data platform can facilitate data transmission at a relatively low cost, thus providing efficient healthcare and personal data management for its growing user base. 

Reason DEVITA Opted for Polygon

Commenting on the development, Eric Choi, co-founder of DEVITA, said it was evident since the company’s early stages that Polygon’s unending benefits would be imperative in achieving its set goals, adding that joining the network marks an important achievement for the firm. 

“Ultimately, our vision is to create the intersection between blockchain technology and the right to better healthcare, because that is what we find meaningful. Polygon’s network, with its capabilities, can be seen as the highway upon which that endeavor truly commences,” Choi added.  

Aside from enticing features on the Polygon blockchain, Choi noted that DEVITA would also gain exposure to millions of clients on the Ethereum Layer-2 network. 

The DEVITA System

DEVITA aims to optimize legacy healthcare processes using innovative technologies like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized identifications (DID). 

The technology used by DEVITA focuses on adding the principles of data sovereignty to healthcare data management, to protect users’ medical conditions from being accessed by anyone. 

With the use of innovative technologies, DEVITA ensures that healthcare data of its users are efficiently stored, transmitted, and exchanged in a secure and decentralized manner. 

Widespread Adoption of Polygon 

The Polygon network is currently one of the hottest layer-2 blockchains that has attracted the attention of notable projects. 

Polygon has been adopted for different purposes like the creation of NFTs and decentralized finance applications, due to its speed and low transaction fees. 

Last week, the L2 network was adopted by Zostel, an Indian-based hostel service, to develop travel non-fungible tokens. 


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