Blockchain-based storybook platform StoryCo raises $6 million

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Blockchain-based storybook platform StoryCo raises $6 million

StoryCo raised $6 million to launch a collaborative blockchain-based storytelling platform.

The seed round was co-led by Collab+Currency and Patron. Other investors include Blockchange Ventures, Sfermion, Flamingo DAO, Packy McCormick and GMoney, according to a company release.

StoryCo’s platform aims to let creators work alongside fans to collaboratively develop media content. Its first story universe is The Disco Ball, which will be led by story architect Kyle Killen and artists Shelby and Sandy.

The Disco Ball is a space-themed story that sees Captain Alma Cooke and a team of astronauts try to save the multiverse with the help of the StoryCo community. The community will participate by discovering artifacts and solving quests as the story unfolds on the platform.

It’s the latest attempt to tap blockchain technology for interactive media content. Others include a community-generated novel written in collaboration with bestselling author Neil Strauss called Bored & Dangerous.

“StoryCo has created a pathway for an entirely new form of storytelling, allowing for a freedom of creative expression that previously didn’t exist,” said Killen, who previously worked as a showrunner in the Paramount Plus TV series Halo.

Individuals can become part of the community by signing up for a StoryPass NFT, which allows for the collection of digital art as part of the story.


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