Blockster Has Launched 2 Million BXR Liquidity Rewards Program On Uniswap

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BXR rewards will be distributed to users who create BXR/ETH pool tokens on Uniswap, and then deposit these liquidity provider tokens into the BXR Rewards staking program.

BXR is the heart of the Blockster platform, and it empowers the whole network by serving as the payment currency for advertising, free P2P transfers, staking, community governance, marketplace sales, and other essential utilities and features mentioned in Blockster’s roadmap.

The BXR rewards, which constitute 2% of the total issuance of the token, will be distributed according to the percentage of liquidity introduced by each user. The program will be active for 12 months starting today, distributing 166,000 BXR every month to the collective staking their BXR and ETH tokens. Stakers will earn rewards daily and can withdraw their BXR/ETH pool tokens at any time.

The more liquidity is provided, and the longer the user maintains this liquidity in Uniswap pools, the more rewards he is going to reap, and the more BXR he will receive.

To learn more about the scope about the Blockster platform, and how the BXR Rewards program will be carried out, you can watch a recent AMA with Blockster’s CEO Adam Todd.


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