Breaking: Robinhood Twitter Likely Hacked

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Breaking: Robinhood Twitter Likely Hacked

  • Robinhood’s Twitter account appears to be hacked, but nothing has been confirmed
  • The tweets—which appear like scam posts claiming that the firm is launching a new digital token—are being posted and deleted in quick succession.
  • Robinhood is an online broker that rose to great prominence and popularity at the height of the “meme stock” craze but fell off somewhat—like several other trading platforms—after it restricted trading in GameStop in late January 2021.
  • No other social media accounts from Robinhood—like @AskRobinhood—nor its CEO have provided an update on the situation at the time of writing
  • CZ of Binance confirmed on Twitter the recent posts on Robinhood are not legitimate and called on his followers to “have critical thinking even if the account looks or is real”.

Breaking: Robinhood Twitter Likely Hacked

A likely scam post promoting a “new Robinhood token”.

This is a breaking story and will be updated as new details emerge.


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