Crypto exchange, Bitrue launches one-of-a-kind DeFi opportunity BMAX

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Crypto exchange, Bitrue launches one-of-a-kind DeFi opportunity BMAX

  • Bitrue exchange launches unique DeFi opportunity, BMAX.
  • DeFi platform brings staking, yield farming, and quantitative trading in one solution.

Bitrue a tier 1 crypto exchange launched BMAX, a new product that removes the hassles inherent in engaging with the growing DeFi landscape while returning yield to investors. Its design is hinged on repositioning the Bitrue ecosystem as the go-to hub for all things DeFi.

BMAX is an investment management token that fulfills the need for more flexible staking and liquidity services. From now on, it will complement the tokenomics of the project in combination with BTR, the existing utility and governance token.

BMAX brandishes a one-of-a-kind technology that is not common to mainstream digital currency exchanges. For better reference, it is more of a product on offer by managers like Bitwise or Grayscale. Now when Bitrue is launching this asset management solution, more people will have one-click access to the growing opportunities of the DeFi ecosystem.

The solution is designed with a focus on three types of investment vehicles — staking, yield farming, and quantitative trading. All these features will be accessible under a single platform, available for access with a single click.

The new BMAX token will be implemented into the existing Bitrue Yield Farming hub. As a result, depositors will be able to invest their assets (such as ETH, ADA, etc.) to Bitrue yield farming to access higher returns, paid in BMAX. The benchmark APY will be 15%-100% above the original POS-staking mechanism.

Unique features of BMAX

The new investment model will enable investors to deposit their capital and earn rewards in BMAX tokens with a 15-100% increase in yield (as compared to standard staking). The investment vehicle is billed to be managed by a specialized team set up by the trading platform.

The project will enjoin participation from a wide range of users, and it will lower the barriers to entry as it will set no minimum or maximum investment limits. This condition makes it open to everyone including retail, institutional, and high networth investors (HNIs).

Prior to the launch of the product that pays out rewards in the new reward token, Bitrue has successfully managed Power Piggy. The product, as well as the exchange’s yield farming products, have raked in a cumulative fund of over $600 million and paid out $56 million worth of USDT as rewards.

“Bitrue was the first exchange in the world to launch a crypto investment service in 2018 with Power Piggy, and since then we’ve never stopped working to devise innovative ways to help users generate returns on their crypto holdings. BMAX is the latest step towards this goal. We can’t wait for our users to start earning this token and take back control of their financial futures,” said Adam O’Neill, Chief Marketing Officer at Bitrue.

Source: ethereum.today

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