Cryptocurrency Can Fail World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’

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Cryptocurrency Can Fail World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’

WEF’s annual industry meetup, Davos 2023 will discuss the Great Reset strategy which aims to homogenize the global financial markets as a part of its wider plan. However, US crypto regulation will play a big part in its execution.

Founded back in 1971 by Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum is “committed to improving the state of the world.” However, the WEF shares a different idealogy compared to the crypto industry which aims for financial liberation.

The Forum is attended by presidents and leaders from US and EU, as well as, business leaders and entrepreneurs. Davos is an event where the Forum aims to discuss the pressing topics that threaten our civilization at the moment, for instance, climate change.

At Davos 2023, the committee is discussing a potential recession based on a WEF survey which highlights that 18% of the respondents considered a world recession “extremely likely.”

Moreover, the WEF is creating a “New System” for energy, climate, nature, investment, trade, and infrastructure to address energy and food crises alongside the current high global inflation, low growth, and high debt economy. Additionally, the Forum is focusing on many similar “New Systems” for several use cases, including harnessing frontier technology and social vulnerabilities.

The WEF is pushing new narratives under the new systems which are part of a bigger “Great Reset.”

Nevertheless, journalists, crypto experts, and financial leaders have shared that the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset could “spectacularly fail” if the cryptocurrency markets remain unregulated by the government. Crypto content creators feel otherwise. They have suggested that “positive” regulated crypto can also threaten the Forum’s agenda since it takes away power from members of the organization and places it in control of those owning the assets.


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