Delio’s $67.95M Deposit and Projected 30-50% Loss Rate

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Delio’s $67.95M Deposit and Projected 30-50% Loss Rate

The platform‘s deposits stand at approximately 90 billion won (equivalent to around US$67.95 million), accompanied by a provisional loss rate estimation ranging between 30% and 50%.

Delio clarified that the exact loss ratio remains uncertain until the conclusion of recovery processes, operational asset liquidation, and other relevant actions. As of now, the provided estimate retains a preliminary nature and remains subject to alteration contingent on evolving circumstances. The firm emphasized that any eventual determination of the ultimate loss extent will prompt the formulation of supplementary compensatory measures.

The strategic decision to disclose these crucial figures follows Delio’s suspension of withdrawal services, which was initially reported on June 14. The recent revelations offer a significant transparency boost to users and the broader crypto-finance community, as the platform acknowledges the importance of candid communication amid such financial intricacies.

Delio’s $67.95M Deposit and Projected 30-50% Loss Rate

The disclosed deposit size underscores Delio’s stature in the industry, with an approximate worth of US$67.95 million, revealing a substantial user base and robust inflow. However, the prevailing loss rate projection between 30% and 50% highlights the volatility and inherent risk associated with crypto-finance operations.

Delio conveys a sense of confidence in its operational future, the stipulation that these numbers are provisional serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency landscape. The commitment to reassess and potentially enhance compensation if the loss magnitude evolves further underscores the company’s dedication to its user base’s welfare.

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