Delivery Date for 5,000 Shiba Inu Cold Wallets Announced

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Delivery Date for 5,000 Shiba Inu Cold Wallets Announced

Tangem recently confirmed the delivery date for up to 5,000 Shiba Inu (SHIB) cold wallets pre-ordered from the dedicated platform.

Tangem, the Swiss-based hardware wallet manufacturer behind the Shiba Inu (SHIB) cold wallet, has announced when delivery will start for the first 5,000 SHIB cold wallets pre-ordered from the dedicated platform.

According to Tangem, delivery for this set of wallets will begin in early July, which represents a few weeks from now. The dedicated platform is currently live to accommodate user requests for wallet pre-orders.

Tangem X $SHIB

Pre-orders of 5000 wallets. Deliveries start early July, 2023.

Live on 🔥


— Tangem (@Tangem) May 29, 2023

Proponents looking to leverage the early opportunity can head to the platform and initiate the pre-order. Notably, the cost of each Shiba Inu cold wallet, which comprises a set of 3 cards, goes for $77.70. This does not include shipping costs. Users can pay with crypto assets or fiat currencies.

To place an order, follow these instructions:

  • Head to Ensure that the URL is correct to avoid counterfeit sites. When in doubt, open the website through the official tweet from Tangem.
  • Tap on “Pre-Order.” This will take you to the checkout point. You’ll need to fill in your shipping address and provide your email, then tap “Continue to Shipping.”
  • Confirm the shipping address and shipping method are correct. Notably, worldwide shipping typically costs an average of $10. This would bring the total cost to $87.70. Tap “Continue to Payment.” You’ll get an opportunity to input a discount code on the next page.
  • If you have a discount code, insert it in the dedicated area and choose your payment method. Payment methods available include PayPal (fiat), Coinbase Commerce (crypto), and Wire Transfer (fiat). Choose the one most convenient for you and proceed.

Users have already begun placing pre-orders as of press time.

Just completed my order, waiting for delivery 💪💪

— Engr. Phil-C (@EjioguPC) May 29, 2023

As stated, once the pre-order is initiated, delivery will start in early July. The recent disclosure comes barely a week after Tangem announced a giveaway of 10 Shiba Inu cold wallets. The winners of the giveaway were announced in an AMA session held today.

The SHIB Cold Wallet aims to provide investors within the ecosystem with an opportunity to store their assets in a trustworthy offline device securely. Tangem was unveiled as the company behind the wallets, as The Crypto Basic highlighted earlier this month.


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