Ethereum (ETH) Mobile Phone Preorder Campaign Goes Live

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Ethereum (ETH) Mobile Phone Preorder Campaign Goes Live

A special, Ethereum-native version of popular mobile phone Google Pixel 7a can make the largest smart contracts platform even more decentralized, transparent and censorship resistant. A few devices are still available in an NFT-based preorder campaign, ethOS team representatives say.

«Ethereum phones» preorder campaign up and running

«Ethereum Phones,» i.e. a mobile phone with preinstalled Ethereum OS, is finally available for preorders for customers in U.S., Canada and Europe. Ethereum (ETH) enthusiasts are able to mint specific NFTs to reserve the right to get the phone from the first series, the official announcement says.

GM. ethOS phone pre-orders have arrived! Are you ready for the first physical phone with ethOS pre-installed?

— ethOS (@EthereumPhone) August 22, 2023

Based on Pixel 7a, this smartphone is promoted as a first-ever physical phone with ethOS pre-installed. This software package includes an array of modules that ensure seamless integration of the new phone in the ecosystem of Ethereum (ETH) utilities. For instance, it has a built-in decentralized messenger, a noncustodial crypto wallet, a decentralized payments tool and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) integration.

Most important, the new phone is also suitable for running a light node software client for Ethereum (ETH) decentralized network. Besides the mentioned phone, the team has already released software packages for Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL smartphones.

Nimbus, a developer of Ethereum (ETH) light node clients, stressed the importance of this eccentric gadget for the status of Ethereum (ETH) decentralization:

EthOS 2.0 includes Nimbus light web proxy enabling on-phone apps to independently verify data received from hosted nodes/external endpoints. It’s a great step in reducing Ethereum users’ reliance on centralised infra.

As covered by U.Today previously, Solana (SOL) announced the release of its Saga smartphone this May.

Saga mobile phone is available in Canada, the U.S., the U.K, the European Union and Australia.

ethOS phone NFTs can be claimed for $650

In order to book an Ethereum phone in the preorder campaign, Ethereum (ETH) supporters are invited to mint specific NFTs on the campaign’s domain.

Right now, this NFT can be minted for 0.39 Ethers (ETH), which is almost equivalent to $650. Customers will be able to request a refund one year after purchase.

In 2022, amid the metaverse hype, luxury smartphone brand Vertu announced the launch of MetaVertu’s «first Web3 phone.»


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