Ethereum Foundation Launched The Ethereum Execution Layer Specification (EELS)

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Ethereum Foundation Launched The Ethereum Execution Layer Specification (EELS)

Ethereum Foundation Launched The Ethereum Execution Layer Specification (EELS)

The Ethereum Foundation has publicly introduced the Ethereum Execution Layer Specification (affectionately known as EELS). EELS is a Python reference implementation of the core components of the Ethereum execution client focused on readability and clarity. Intended as a spiritual successor to Yellow Paper, more programmer-friendly and more up-to-date with post-merge branches.

After at least a year of development, we’re pleased to announce the «official» release of the Ethereum Execution Layer Specification (or EELS): thanks to @guruka_math, @peter_t_davies, and everyone else who has contributed!

— Sam Wilson · samwilsn.eth (@_SamWilsn_) August 29, 2023

EELS provides a complete snapshot of the protocol at each fork — including those coming soon — making it much easier to track than EIP (which only recommends changes) and production clients (usually combine multiple branches in the same code path.)

The Ethereum Foundation wants EELS to be the default way to specify the Core EIP, the first place EIP authors go to their proposal prototype, and the best possible reference for how Ethereum works.

For all you Core EIP authors out there (all ten of you), you can write/fill tests against EELS using execution-spec-tests. No more prototyping with production clients.

EELS is designed to provide a complete snapshot of Ethereum at each fork. No more trying to read the Yellow Paper and apply the EIP on top of it. This will make things easier for Core Developers.

Today, EELS is consumable as a traditional Python repository and as rendered documentation. It’s still a bit rough around the edges and doesn’t provide much in the way of annotations or English explanations for what various pieces do, but those will come with time.

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