Financе Succeeds At The Seed Round With Paradigm Investment Participation

Earn money with the top Binance exchange Succeeds At The Seed Round With Paradigm Investment Participation

Earlier this year, we partnered with @paradigm to build tools for new online social interactions.We’re grateful for the community’s warm reception and excited to continue growing with you all

— (@friendtech) August 18, 2023

In addition, completed the first Friday Points Airdrop to 44,000 users. The platform previously announced that it would give away 100 million points to app testers over a six-month testing period. The airdrop will be distributed on Friday, and the points will have a particular purpose after the beta period ends.

On August 10,, a decentralized platform called a “marketplace for your friends,” opened an invite-only beta test. The app allows users to tokenize their social network and is built on Base, Coinbase’s new layer 2 network.

The platform allows users to purchase shares of connected Twitter accounts to join private chat rooms with said users. This allows anyone on the app to bet on the social value of other users on the platform by purchasing other users’ shares. It can be considered as the social token of their respective users. The price of user shares fluctuates based on supply and demand.

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