Hyperledger Foundation Adds New Members to Its Consortium

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Hyperledger Foundation Adds New Members to Its Consortium

Hyperledger Foundation, a global ecosystem for enterprise blockchain technologies, announced on Friday seven new members. According to the press release, it includes Avast, Infosys, The Digital Dollar Project, and the National FinTech Center at Morgan State University.

The Hyperledger Foundation facilitates the development of enterprise-grade blockchain software that will reshape commerce, currency, communications, identity, and more. Because of this, the Ethereum Foundation (EF) has chosen to include Hyperledger Besu in the Execution Layer Client Incentive Program (ELCIP).

Execution-layer client teams will be provided with locked ETH as live validators as part of the program, to be released according to certain milestones, including post-merger performance and progress towards enabling beacon chain withdrawals. The EF’s client incentive program is a strategic investment in engaging the Hyperledger community to ensure a diverse client base and overall network health.

“As we move towards an increasingly decentralized future, the role of openly developed and governed enterprise blockchain technologies will only grow in importance. We see more and more of our technologies being adopted and adapted to support new business models, creating opportunities for new developers and driving innovation at companies of every size. We welcome the investment both our new members and the Ethereum Foundation are making in accelerating the development and deployment of Hyperledger technologies,” Daniela Barbosa, Executive Director at Hyperledger Foundation, and General Manager of Blockchain, Healthcare and Identity at the Linux Foundation, commented.

Comments from Avast

Hyperledger Foundation provides enterprise-grade, open-source distributed ledger frameworks, libraries, and tools to help organizations create industry-specific applications, platforms, and hardware systems to support their individual business transactions. Among the new members of the community are Avast, Corsha, Infosys, and NextGenTek Consulting.

“A strong developer community is foundational to the adoption of decentralized identity technology, and we’re proud to join the Hyperledger Foundation to help grow this community and collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the space. Our membership comes in the wake of our recent acquisitions of Evernym and SecureKey, two long-time contributors to Hyperledger that will continue their involvement under Avast,” Charles Walton, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Identity at Avast, pointed out.

Source: ethereum.today

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