KuCoin Levels Up Crypto Trading with DualFutures and Spot Grid AI Plus Bots

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KuCoin Levels Up Crypto Trading with DualFutures and Spot Grid AI Plus Bots

Crypto exchange KuCoin has unveiled an advancement in crypto investing by introducing two AI trading tools. According to the firm, this approach hinges on harnessing the computational prowess of AI to execute tasks with precision and sophistication.

The firm highlighted that AI-driven strategies can potentially curtail errors associated with manual processes, adding that AI can significantly reduce the time commitment required for such tasks. KuCoin believes the culmination of these benefits often results in enhanced profitability for investors.

Notably, KuCoin is pioneering two distinct AI trading bots. The first innovation, DualFutures AI, represents a quantitative strategy tailored for Futures trading. According to the official statement, DualFutures is suitable for traders who aspire to yield substantial rewards from Futures trading yet lack the intricate know-how.

By investing funds and activating the bot, traders can initiate and conclude positions based on specific trading signals. KuCoin highlighted that DualFutures performs wonders in scenarios of market rebounds and pullbacks. It captures profits from both upward and downward movements in the market.

On the other hand, the Spot Grid AI Plus, a more advanced iteration of the classic grid strategy, leverages short-term price fluctuations in volatile markets to conduct arbitrage. This fully automated solution adapts its strategy parameters in real time. It ensures a continuous flow of arbitrage within the predefined grid range.

You just need to put in the funds and the bot will do the rest.

KuCoin noted that AI systems are able to seize fleeting trading opportunities by analyzing copious real-time data from diverse sources. According to KuCoin, this quick data-driven analysis allows AI bots to identify trends and patterns that might elude human investors.

Furthermore, KuCoin has presented an opportunity for users to engage with their AI trading bots. The first activity is “Create DualFutures AI & We Shall Pay For Your Liquidation.”

The offer will run from September 8, 2023, at 15:00 UTC to September 30, 2023. During this period, KuCoin pledges to compensate for the loss of principal resulting from any liquidation on normal use of the DualFutures AI bot.

Meanwhile, the second activity is titled “Claim 100%-Off Trading-Bot Rebate Coupon Worth $50!” This offer gives all participants the chance to claim a $50 Rebate Coupon.

The coupon is usable for various trading bots, including Spot Grid, Futures Grid, Infinity Grid, Margin Grid, DCA, Martingale, and Smart Rebalance. However, the coupon is not usable for the DualFutures AI bot or the Spot Grid AI Plus bot.

Source: ethereum.today

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