lolMiner 1.50 Also With Full Nvidia LHR Unlock Now Available

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lolMiner 1.50 Also With Full Nvidia LHR Unlock Now Available

One more Nvidia ETH miner is now available with full LHR unlock – the lolMiner 1.50. The miner offers 100% LHR unlock on Nvidia GPUs with LHR V1 and V2 GPUs for all supported algorithms including Ethash and dual Mining. It requires Nvidia video driver versions 510.x (Linux) or 512.x (Windows) and sudo / administrator privileges in order to run properly. lolMiner 1.50 also comes with an experimental LHR v3 unlock to ~90% (RTX 3050) and ~92% (RTX 3080 12G), though it might still be a bit problematic and not 100% stable, if you are having issues you can always fall back to the safer ~65% unlock.

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