Mexican crypto exchange Bitso launches international service

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Mexican crypto exchange Bitso launches international service

The Mexican crypto exchange, Bitso, will launch an international payments service.

The main aim of the new service is to connect the Latin American region with the rest of the world. It will allow companies to send and receive international payments in cryptocurrencies, fiat money and stablecoins.

“With this launch, we seek to boost the economies of our region, by facilitating operations between countries and opening trade corridors that increase the development and prosperity of Latin America.”

Santiago Alvarado, SVP of institutional products at Bitso

The service will be available in the regions where Bitso is currently operating: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia.

Bitso is currently one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in Mexico and Latin America. The company was founded in Mexico in 2014 by Ben Peters, Daniel Vogel, and Pablo Gonzalez.

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Cryptocurrency in Mexico

Mexico is one of the biggest countries in Latin America, having a high rate of cryptocurrency holders in its population and one of the most significant cryptocurrency ecosystems in the Latin American region.

According to Statista, Mexico ranks among the top 30 countries worldwide for cryptocurrency adoption. Cryptocurrency usage is increasing rapidly in the country. Mexican citizens utilize digital currencies as a way of sending remittances worldwide.

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