OnlyFans Reveals Ethereum Holdings

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OnlyFans Reveals Ethereum Holdings

Calvin James

In a recent financial disclosure, OnlyFans, a platform renowned for its subscription-based access to explicit content, has unveiled a strategic move involving its operating capital. The company has revealed that it allocated some of its operational funds to Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency.

Strategic Balance: Ethereum Investment Amid Financial Landscape

As of November 30, 2022, financial records illuminate OnlyFans’ Ethereum holdings, which amassed an impressive value of $19,889 million. However, a prior financial report outlines an impairment loss of $8,455 million, ultimately leaving the platform with a residual balance of $11,434 million invested in Ethereum.

The innovative mindset and commitment to expanding its investment portfolio have been hallmarks of OnlyFans’ approach. Notably, the platform’s founder, Leonid Radvinsky, a Ukrainian resident of the United States who acquired the company in 2018, has received substantial dividends totaling $485 million.

OnlyFans Reveals Ethereum Holdings

OnlyFans Crypto holdings | Source

This development arrives as OnlyFans is experiencing a meteoric surge in demand. By November 2022, the platform attracted 50 million new users and garnered one million content creators. Over the year, user expenditures reached an impressive $5.5 billion. The fiscal year marked a 17% increase in revenue, reaching $1.1 billion, alongside a 21% rise in pre-tax profits, culminating at $525 million.

A swirl of controversy has accompanied the growth trajectory of OnlyFans. Recent investigations led by BBC News unveiled instances of minors participating or appearing in content on the platform, sparking concerns about their safety.

In response to these alarming findings, OnlyFans has accentuated its rigorous safety protocols and emphasized in its reports that it goes above and beyond legal requirements to foster a secure and well-regulated community environment.

OnlyFans Addresses Safety Concerns

Simultaneously, the platform is working towards creating the safest possible social media ecosystem that empowers content creators. Known predominantly for adult-themed content, OnlyFans is diversifying its offerings. The platform now encompasses a range of content categories suitable for various audiences, including musical performances, comedic sketches, and fitness demonstrations.

Amid these developments, an advertisement featuring OnlyFans model Eliza Rose Watson drew public scrutiny for potentially inappropriate content. Following complaints, the Advertising Standards Authority reviewed the ad and permitted its display, deeming the content-neutral and non-offensive.


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