PlatON Taps FaTPay to Offer All-in-One On-Ramp Service to PlatON

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PlatON Taps FaTPay to Offer All-in-One On-Ramp Service to PlatON

PlatON, the significant digital public infrastructure joins hands with an advanced payment solution system named FatPay. This strategic partnership offers dynamic and advanced support for fiat currency and other payment methods. Moreover, it also offers all-in-one on-ramp services for developers and users of PlatON via a plugged-in PlatON Wallet.

Services provided by the Strategic Partnership

This collaboration would benefit the user in several dynamic ways. It supports fiat currencies varying more than 40 fiat currencies and 100+ payment methods i.e., Paypal, VISA etc. Collaboration would support bank card transactions at the global level, local e-wallets and, bank transfers even in Southeast Asia.

It’d support the exchanges for sell and purchase of native tokens LAT and others based on PlatON. Plugged-in PlatON Wallet will enable the clients to use and manage their digital assets simply on their web browsers. Moreover, clients will be facilitated with fast transactions and preferential rates to ensure the efficiency and experience of the developers and users.

The objectives of PlatON and FaTPay’s Collaboration

FatPay’s representative proudly announced the collaboration with PlatON as they consider it as the leading figure in the Web 3.0 space. They are focused on the cryptographic technology to offer fully digital public infrastructure which is quite innovative and unique of its kind. FaTPay believes that its service for digital payments would ease the developers and users of the PlatON. PlatON is a significant financial structure firm and aims to become the main blockchain platform of the Web3 space. So, this collaboration will expand the coverage and influence of PlatON in the Web3 industry.

FaTPay is entirely dedicated to improving the infrastructure of the crypto space. FatPay has proved itself to be a bridge between Web 2.0 and 3.0 and enabled users to enter into the crypto industry by a convenient way. Now, FaTPay has officially announced its strategic partnership with PlatON on the official website and plugged in the PlatOn Wallet. If require any further information, developers and users can visit the official websites of FaTPay and PlatON.

Source: ethereum.today

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