Polygon, Avalanche and Additional Ethereum Rival Are ‘Unlocking Something Big,’ Says Macro Guru Raoul Pal

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Polygon, Avalanche and Additional Ethereum Rival Are ‘Unlocking Something Big,’ Says Macro Guru Raoul Pal

Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal says that Polygon (MATIC) and a pair of Ethereum (ETH) challengers are on the cusp of ‘unlocking something big.’

In a new video update, the macro guru says that Solana (SOL), Polygon and Avalanche (AVAX) are furthering crypto adoption by carving out their own niches within the industry.

According to Pal, SOL has been cutting deals with Big Tech companies and has launched its own retail store, giving it an edge despite a harsh year for its price.

“I’m really interested in Solana because I think the team is exceptional in what they’re doing. What they’re doing is building a consumer chain.

Now, there are a lot of naysayers about it, it’s down 95%, it got caught out in the whole FTX thing, but I think it’s clean now because they all had to sell so now you’ve got this chain with retail adoption doing deals with Meta, Google, and all sorts of others.

They’ve just done a deal with Discord as well and I expect more to come from them. I think they’ve really understood where their place is, having a store in Manhattan selling Solana merch is great and the mobile phone, who knows where that goes? But I think they’re unlocking something big.”

Pal then says that he’d include both Polygon and Avalanche in the same category as Solana, saying they too are on the verge of changing the digital asset landscape by focusing on real-world asset tokenization.

“I think the Polygon guys are [unlocking something big] too… and John [Wu] from Avalanche, another super fast chain, really interesting, and a big competitor to Solana, he’s focused on other things like real world assets, he’s looking at ‘how do we tokenize property?’

It’s another trend that’s coming, and it always feels like it’s coming, but it takes time. There’s a lot of middlemen to get out of the way and a lot of legalities to get through but that’s all coming.”

Avalanche is changing hands for $11.87 at time of writing, while MATIC is moving for $0.802 and SOL is trading for $12.32.


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