Router Protocol boosts blockchain interoperability with launch of cross-chain bridge Voyager.

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Router Protocol boosts blockchain interoperability with launch of cross-chain bridge Voyager.

Router Protocol, a platform that seeks to enhance seamless and secure communication between blockchains, has announced a new cross-cross bridge set to bring next generation security and performance features to blockchains.

The modular cross bridge is dubbed Voyager, and will provide for not just secure communication but also fast transaction speeds (50% of transactions in under a minute and over 80% in under two minutes) – giving users the best of blockchain interoperability. 

Interoperability with enhanced security 

The Router Protocol also said in a press release obtained by Invezz that Voyager’s architecture allows for transfers based more on total volume transacted than total value locked (TVL).

Cross-chain transfer contracts on Voyager are also separate from reserve assets contracts, while validation is on-chain and not off-chain.

Together, these features greatly minimize attack vectors.

Performance features

  • Messaging mesh, an advanced technical feature that allows for higher scalability by enabling new blockchains to connect to other chains thus removing the need for a 1-1 bridge for every other connection.  
  • Voyager also uses a 1inch powered custom pathfinder algorithm to add efficiency to cross-chain value transfer, while the use of USDC allows for transaction stability and minimal slippage.
  • Seamless cross-chain swaps eliminate extra transaction costs.

The launch of Voyager offers a “significant leap towards building a chain-agnostic, more inclusive Web3 ecosystem,” Ramani Ramachandran, the co-founder and CEO of Router Protocol said in a statement.

He noted that the “flagship” dApp comes with a “suite of products that will empower developers globally to create solutions that will accelerate the cross-chain evolution.”

Router raised $4.1 million in a strategic investment round, with participants including Coinbase Ventures, Polygon, QCP, Woodstock, and De-Fi Capital among others. The protocols plans to use the funds to drive further development in the cross-chain interoperability ecosystem.


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