Stellar’s Wallet Rabet Unveils Desktop Version: Details

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Stellar’s Wallet Rabet Unveils Desktop Version: Details

Rabet, a feature-rich B2C crypto wallet for Stellar (XLM) ecosystem, becomes available for the first time ever on desktop PCs.

Rabet wallet goes live in desktop on MacOS, Windows and Linux

According to the official announcement the Rabet team made on its blog and social media, its desktop version is now available for the general public.

We are proud to announce that the Rabet Desktop has been released. 🎉🌈

It is time to turn on the light of the third milestone.💡

— Rabet (@rabetofficial) April 21, 2022

Since its first releases, Rabet wallet has versions for the three most popular operating systems: MacOS, Windows and Linux.

The desktop version supports all operations available in Rabet’s web interface, including adding, managing, swapping and transferring Stellar-based assets. Operations are performed through a polished and newbie-friendly user interface.

As covered by U.Today previously, Rabet wallet released its core native asset, RBT, on Stellar blockchain in November 2021.

Besides various utilities, including usage in RBT/USDC, RBT/USDT liquidity pools, fees discounts and whitehat bonuses, RBT token can also be used as a governance instrument for Rabet wallet upgrades.

Integrated user experience for different operating systems

The new release makes Rabet a cross-platform wallet: thanks to the Electron instrument incorporated into the desktop version’s structure, there is an integrated user experience across all operating systems.

Technically, Rabet is a general-purpose set of open-source wallets for the Stellar network, which is designed to allow everyone to seamlessly interact with Stellar (XLM) blockchain with no middlemen and third parties.

Stellar-focused developers can integrate Rabet into their applications through the browser: there is no need to work with software development kits (SDKs) or other programming instruments.

At the same time, the end-user experience of Stellar (XLM) clients remains in focus for Rabet’s team. Through the platform, clients can deposit and withdraw funds on Stellar, seamlessly swap them amongst each other, earn as liquidity providers and so on.

Rabet can be used as an endpoint for interaction with Stellar-based decentralized applications (dApps), including the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol. As such, crypto newbies can use it to start their DeFi and Web3 journey on high-performance programmatic blockchain Stellar.


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