Top Finance Educator Says $10K in XRP Can Become $1,200,000 if XRP Hits This Price

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Top Finance Educator Says $10K in XRP Can Become $1,200,000 if XRP Hits This Price

A prominent finance educator recently presented XRP over Bitcoin as the crypto asset with a greater potential for a more substantial profit amid a bull run.

The financial expert was Vandell, a Black Swan Capitalist. He compared the most pricey crypto, Bitcoin (BTC), against XRP, the only digital asset with regulatory clarity.

In a recent tweet, Vandell argued that a $10k investment in Bitcoin at $26k amounts to 0.38461 BTC. He noted that by the time Bitcoin would be worth $100k, the initial $10k investment amounts to only $38,461.

However, Vandell presented a more appealing argument for a similar investment in XRP.

$10,000 in #Bitcoin at $26,000 per coin, & its value rises to $100,000 per coin, your investment could be worth $38,461.54.

$10,000 in #XRP at $0.51 per coin, & its value rises to $100. per coin, your investment will be over $1.2 million.

Who’s solving the bigger problem?


— Vandell | Black Swan Capitalist (@vandell33) August 24, 2023

How Much Could $10k in XRP Worth?

The financial educator highlighted that a $10k in XRP at its current $0.51 could be millions of dollars. Vandell reached the figure given that $10k in XRP amounts to 19,607 XRP. He believes by the time XRP trades at $100, the initial $10k would be over $1.2 million.

Considering the financial scale of both investment vehicles, the financial expert asked a rhetorical question:

“Who’s solving the bigger problem?”

Notably, Vandell disclaimed that his argument does not constitute financial advice.

Meanwhile, the XRP community sided with his argument against Bitcoin.

Edward Farina, Head of Social Adoption for XRP Healthcare, noted it was checkmate. He lamented that while XRP holds more potential for financial returns, mainstream influencers push the Bitcoin narrative instead.

Similarly, another XRP enthusiast claimed that XRP trading at even $5 would provide more financial returns than Bitcoin.

The Reserval

However, it is worth noting that the comparison Vandell made with the prices of Bitcoin and XRP is somewhat one-sided.

In particular, Bitcoin trading at $100k from $26k implies a 284.62% increase. Meanwhile, XRP exchanging hands at $100 from $0.51 signifies a more astronomic 19,509.80% growth. While predictions exist that XRP could reach $100, the crypto community believes Bitcoin is the main driver of the market.

Moreover, prominent pro-XRP attorney John Deaton recently expressed this sentiment following XRP’s post-lawsuit performance. In his words:

“Like it or not, Bitcoin drives this market, IMO.”

Ultimately, XRP growing 19,509% will imply Bitcoin appreciating with a similar stride or above 284%. However, these projections remain uncertain.


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