Trust Machines launches new Bitcoin wallet brand called Leather

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Trust Machines launches new Bitcoin wallet brand called Leather

Trust Machines, a web3 firm building out an ecosystem of Bitcoin applications, announced the launch of its flagship wallet, Leather, after the acquisition and rebranding of Hiro Wallet.

While the wallet already supported Stacks L2 functionality along with Bitcoin Ordinals, the company said the revamped offering is aiming to create a bridge between the Bitcoin network and emerging Layer 2 solutions.

«To take Bitcoin to a billion users we need to make Bitcoin and Bitcoin L2s simple and intuitive to use,» Trust Machines CEO and Co-Founder Muneeb Ali said in a statement. «Instilling trust and security through decentralization is a key factor of our Bitcoin wallet.»

The wallet is self-custodied, open-source and audited, allowing users to secure and manage Bitcoin, Stacks L2 and other Bitcoin-secured assets such as BRC-20, according to the statement. It also supports the deposit, view, creation, trade and transfer of Ordinals, Stacks NFTs and Bitcoin Stamps.

Emerging Bitcoin layers

The product supports emerging Bitcoin layers and features including the Lightning Network and Stacks, along with native mechanisms like Stacking, and users can connect to Bitcoin NFT marketplaces such as Gamma and decentralized exchanges including ALEX and Velar. The wallet is integrated with hundreds of apps and platforms including Magic Eden, Rare Stamp,, UniSat and On Chain Monkeys.

Before the rebrand, Hiro Wallet had over 375,000 total installations and more than 100,000 monthly active users.

«This acquisition and rebrand will accelerate Leather’s efforts to drive the global transition to a digital economy based on Bitcoin, onboarding millions of people into Web3 apps powered by Bitcoin and Bitcoin layers such as Stacks and Lightning,» Leather general manager Mark Hendrickson said.


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