Twitter CEO Agrawal Sees ‘Incredible Amount of Developer Energy’ in Web3

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Twitter CEO Agrawal Sees ‘Incredible Amount of Developer Energy’ in Web3

Newly minted Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal spoke about Web3 on today’s Twitter Q4 earnings call, Agrawal’s first earnings call as CEO since he took over for the outgoing Jack Dorsey at the end of November.

In response to a question submitted via Twitter, Agrawal said, «If you think about the broader crypto ecosystem, which includes cryptocurrency, DeFi projects, and all the decentralized technology and applications being built on top of the biggest blockchains, what you notice is this incredible amount of developer energy—developer energy which is interested in solving problems.»

Agrawal added that this energy creates an opportunity for Twitter, which he described as «the place where this entire ecosystem goes to find out about what’s happening across the ecosystem.»

Parag Agrawal was previously Twitter’s CTO. When he was named CEO, a person with knowledge of the executive’s reputation inside Twitter told Decrypt, «Parag has been integral to Bluesky (the decentralized protocol project), so safe to say he’s a crypto believer.»

This is a developing story. As the Twitter earnings call continues, check back for potential updates.

Source: ethereum.today

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