Zuki Moba moves to Polygon

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Zuki Moba moves to Polygon

Today, most blockchain games run on BSC (BNB/USD) and Ethereum (ETH/USD), resulting in transaction congestion, slow speeds, and high transaction fees.

Zuki Moba encountered many interruptions while carrying out transactions according to feedback from the community. This was during participation in the Game Testnet and with use of Zuki Moba’s Dapp, especially when trading on the NFT marketplace. They have caused users inconvenience and difficulty.

Best solution to prepare for launch

Zuki Moba team decided to switch the network to Polygon to solve this issue as well as to upgrade and optimize in the long-term interest of the community. This is also the best way to prepare for Mainnet launch.

Strategy and vision

Polygon (MATIC/USD) has partnered with Zuki Moba since the beginning. The Zuki Moba development team chose Polygon as a stop for their ecosystem thanks to its higher security, more cost savings, quicker transactions, and other outstanding features.

In the first quarter of this year, the blockchain game carried out the full migration of NFTs, dApps, ZUKI Tokens, and ZP Tokens from BSC to the Polygon Mainnet.

The change will improve user experience as well as attract many new gamers to Zuki Moba Snow Paradise. This will benefit the Zuki Moba economy and community in the long term.

Game Mainnet launch is on April 16

After the big switch, Zuki Moba will deploy a roadmap with concrete strategies to facilitate development and ecosystem access to the community.

The most important upcoming event for the platform is the game’s Mainnet launch on April 16. Other significant events include concluding cooperation agreements with leading game guilds with special policies for players.

App makes it easy to transfer ZUKI tokens to Polygon

Zuki will also cooperate with leading entities in the technology space to launch an application, which will make it easier for ecosystem members to transfer ZUKI tokens to the Polygon network. Zuki Moba has plans to develop a metaverse game ecosystem in addition to this.

At the moment, Game Zuki Moba on Mainnet is ready for release to the community. This will happen after the migration to the Polygon network is complete.


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